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Keyword Research. Learning what words or phrases your potential customers are using when they search online. This process starts by researching your niche market and ends with a report of suggested keywords to focus on.

Competitor Reports. How does your company sit within the sea of other like-minded web businesses? Having an understanding of who your competitors are will put you in a better position when marketing and making strategic changes.

Traffic Analysis. Who comes to your site, where did they come from, and why? Traffic Analysis provides you with a better understanding of how your website is functioning and being used, and outlines goals for improvement.

Site Usability. While the Internet is a space for creativity, most users expect certain functionality. If your site operates abnormally, well-grooved expectations can cause frustration for visitors leading to lost sales.

Web Analytics. Working in conjunction with Traffic Analysis, Web Analytics seeks to measure success between a variety of online efforts such as email marketing, eCommerce conversion rates, and offline data tracking.

Tech Opportunities. Is technology working for you, or against you? Often a small amount of research can provide a better solution for the way certain tasks are currently being done. Custom development can then match your exact need.


Custom Database Solutions. If you are trying to bridge existing systems, or mimick some physical functionality in the digital world, a custom database system can meet your exact needs while focusing on business optimization and user ease.

eCommerce Solutions. Some clients prefer a custom solution, while others desire to use an existing service. We are able to help with either. Services range from exporting data from one system, to crafting a ground-up solution unique to your product or service.

Automated Emails. Contacting customers, promoting products, or keeping tabs on your systems can be an arduous task. Automated emails harness the power of databases and web-systems to communicate information in unique ways.

Strategic Relationships. Your product or service may compliment another business for mutual gain. Developing through technology can limit the amount of data shuffling and paperwork, allowing for greater B2B strategy.

Mobile & New Technologies. Long gone are the days of using the Internet exclusively through a desktop computer. Mobile devices provide unique platforms for solutions such as inventory, kiosk information booths, and mobile browsing.

Integration. The web is at its best when it reaches out to connect services together, providing unique experiences for customers and businesses. Many fully-integratable, third-party solutions are freely available.


Custom Performance Tools. Systems, whether physical or digital, can always use some improvement. Measuring and tracking solutions can be developed to work seamlessly in your environment.

Overall Site Optimization. In today's market every site is either moving forward or backward. Sometimes simple steps can be taken to update key elements of your system to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

A/B Split Testing. If you want to learn what best reaches your targets, such as improving conversion rates, A/B Split Testing greatly assists this endeavor by tracking two possibilities for visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your site is most likely competing against many others offering the same service or product. Adjustments can be made to help your probability of adequately showing up in search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Paid marketing such as SEM allows you to compete with the largest players, on any terms. This quickly gives you exposure and can be the difference between truly taking off and floundering for years.

Data Analysis. When dealing with data one of the most important elements is data integrity. From reports to manually cleaning up data redundancy, an emphasis on quality data must be made prior to strategic decisions.

Project Examples

Inventory & Sales. While many eCommerce software platforms are available, sometimes a product or service is so unique that it greatly benefits from custom development. This may include handling complex inventory requirements, custom sales-staff requirements, or passing data on to third parties for external integration.

Internal Communication. Businesses often develop internal systems tailored to their specific needs. This may include emailing various spreadsheets for tracking, forms for data gathering, or contact forms online. Bringing all of these together into a robust database is often a solution that provides many opportunities for growth.

Data Mining & Reporting. We are surrounded by data and often face information overload. Sometimes a few simple tools can be made to really help analyze specific needs and report them on a regular basis. Triggers can be developed to report errors, traffic losses, or even potential opportunities for growth.

Mapping & Payments. Mapping solutions allow you to lay your data on top of global maps or custom-designed maps, such as floor plans in a warehouse. Beyond traditional eCommerce solutions, custom payment integration can allow for recurring billing of services, one-time payments, and special-event payment systems.

Seamless Integration

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Lightdriven, LLC is a dynamic company that works with a variety of professionals in specialized fields. Each area of service utilizes the best skills possible, while managing projects in an informative and up-front way. The company is owned and operated by Adam Szymanski, a custom-solution web developer with over 15 years of experience.